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During decades of travel and exchange with ancient cultures, Ani Williams discovered a common thread in all traditions: Every culture embraced the power of music and sound for healing, transformation, and opening inter-dimensional communication. Integrating this ancient knowledge with modern sound science and voice diagnostics, Williams developed a unique and effective system of sound therapy.


Her teaching style is heartfelt, passionate, engaging, and with a healthy dose of humor. The course includes technical information as well as fascinating true-life stories that bring sound medicine alive. 


Participants are inspired by the breadth and depth of information, and Ani’s brilliant integration of ancient sound traditions with modern science. This training provides a ‘missing link’ in the understanding and successful application of sound therapy today. 

What is Sound Alchemy—Bio Acoustics Training?

Sound Alchemy is a multi-media training to discover the exciting field of Bio-Acoustic medicine. The training includes guidance to become a Voice Spectrum Analysis practitioner, a field of energy medicine that is rapidly becoming a leading-edge modality. With hundreds of powerful images and content, it is an exciting journey into the ancient history and modern science applications of sound medicine. Voice Diagnostics is gaining international attention from corporations, medical professionals, and individuals for its multi-faceted potential in medicine, personal discovery and liberating our fullest potential. Finding one’s “Lost Chord”, or missing frequency can support success on every level in life: Creativity, manifesting wishes and dreams, empowerment, peace, and all-around well-being. 

“I received so much from the Sound Alchemy Training, that words can’t adequately describe! I continue to progress - sharing the Voice Analysis with others as well as growing personally - thank you so much for your offerings.” 

S. Gallant, participant

“The sound medicine workshop you gave in Ojai initiated profound healing in my life and with my family.”

D. Jonas

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Join the team of sound practitioners who are supporting humanity during this powerful time of transformation. Every keynote that is found, helps the Song of the Earth become more harmonious, one voice at a time.