Songaia Sound Medicine was founded by Ani Williams in 1992 and is an integrative system of sound therapy based on decades of work with indigenous sound traditions and trainings with various bio-acoustic therapy teachers. Sound Alchemy—Bio-Acoustic Training evolved out Ani’s decades of teaching world-wide and working with thousands of voice clients.

Participants world-wide are inspired by the breadth and depth of information in Sound Alchemy, a brilliant integration of ancient sound traditions and modern science. Ani Williams’ teaching style is heartfelt, passionate, and engaging, providing a ‘missing link’ in the understanding and successful application of sound therapy. 

“I can’t believe this exists! I’ve been looking my whole life for a key to unlocking core issues, and this sound work is doing it.”

2018 S.M. France training participant

“Following your training, the Songaia music we have used with our autistic children at the University of Mexico has helped them more than many other alternative applications. We are very pleased with the results.” 

Sra M. Morelos, UNAM Dept. of Autism, Mexico City

Ani Williams is a pioneer in sound therapy, with three decades of experience in teaching and Voice Analysis clients worldwide. Sound Alchemy provides a missing link’ in understanding and practice of sound therapy today. Ani is also renowned internationally for her recordings of sacred music traditions since 1981.